Just Another Lap App?...Not Hardly

LapKing is the Reality Experience Arcade of Motorsports.  Some know it as “The Home of Social Racing,”  others as “The Smack Talk Warehouse.”


LK puts you up against your friends and other competitors at the track in an arcade environment but rather than holding a controller,  your speed on the track is your GAME PLAY!


LapKing is packed full of FUN features to make racing your friends more fun than it’s ever been. 


LapKing is a community so strap on your helmet, race your friends, race the track, race the world!  Only your speed on the track can settle who is faster.


Welcome to LapKing,  The Home of Social Racing!


How Many LapKing's WIll Your Trophy Case Hold?

Nothing makes your friends quieter than stealing their LapKing from their trophy case.  

Now is your chance...DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

from the lapking community

I was honestly shocked.  It was like racing on practice day.  Still a little sour my buddy beat me.

Video game meets running motos.  Finally I get to shut my friends up.

I may not be able to run a 20 minute moto but I have 1 lap in me.  Lets Go! 

Group Racing has become a fixture in my group of friends.  Shoot,  we bet who is washing the bikes on the leaderboard for that day.

Social Racing is the future of motorsports for the weekend warrior.