About Lapking

Lapking was formed with one major goal in mind;  return the fun to motorsports that attracted all of us enthusiasts in the first place.  It has been identified in multiple case studies and statistics that the fun factor in motorsports has been slightly tarnished due to multiple reasons of which two are cost and freedom of use. 

Upon identifying the above the LK Team was formed and set out to offer a new form of racing.  With the use of our Patented Technology we set out to provide an arcade environment outdoors where we all love to be.  

Whether it be behind a steering wheel or handlebars, the LK team is working to provide a new racing sensation; Social Racing!  All it takes it speed to grab that top spot.  A one lap wonders paradise.  

You won't want to miss what is ahead!  We are USA based but already heading towards the global vision.

Keep it FUN!  Keep it Competitive!  With a STRONG focus on FUN!

Social Racing:  Being able to race your friends in a reality environment while being scored in a digital environment.  The Social Reality Arcade Experience.

Also become known as "The Arcade of Motorsports" as well as "The Smack Talk Warehouse." 

Mission:  We strive to provide a cost effective social racing experience by leveraging the competitive characteristics of motorsports enthusiasts through offering a real life arcade based social racing environment.

Vision:  To position a new form of technology driven racing that equally leverages competitive aspect and fun; Social Racing

The LapKing Team is built by riders and drivers entirely.  So not only do we build it, we get to enjoy the game ourselves.