Is the app expensive? 

Absolutely Not! You can become a part of the LapKing Community for just $2.99 per month

Are there classes? 

You bet! We have our leader boards broke into displacement classes for example: 450, 250, 85, 65, 50. You can also select all to see everyone on one leader board.

Will I get to compare my times against the pros?

Of course! We have a lot of pros in our community and you will see how your times compare directly with theirs.

I have multiple bikes, is that an issue? 

Not at all. Simply hop from bike to bike and rip some laps with the LK GPS on your helmet.

What if I get a new phone?

Simple. Your laps are stored on our servers, not your phone. That being said just log into LapKing on your new phone and your all set.

What if I want a track added?

Simple.  Fill out the REQUEST A NEW TRACK FORM and we will ensure the pin is added to the map promptly.  

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